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Welcome ...

to the web site of Manufacturers Services Associates, Inc. (MSA, Inc.), a full-service manufacturers representative organization laser-focussed on the US Army Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Cyber, Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (C5ISR) arena.

MSA Incorporated operates as a multi-faceted company encompassing these professional and time-experienced specialties:

  • Manufacturers Representative

  • Corporate Marketing Consultants

  • Business Planning Specialists

We serve corporations and other concerns interested in identifying and obtaining US Department of Defense and US Army systems development and integration acquisitions program opportunities for professional services.

Based upon its seasoned experience and tuned strategies, MSA Incorporated can markedly improve the solicitation submission/work obtainment success ratio of organizations endeavoring to achieve defined business objectives within the US Army C5ISR market. And ... our services are tailored to the client’s specific needs and agreed to business plans.

MSA Inc. facilities are located at the US Army Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) site, in Maryland.

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   Contact MSA Today .... Call: ‍443-616-5441

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